Winterization Guide

Getting Your Vehicle Winter Ready In Calgary, Alberta

Having the proper equipment on your vehicle is essential, especially during the winter. It’s critical to have the appropriate winter tires and any additional fluid change or re-fill. At Crowfoot Dodge Chrysler in Calgary, Alberta, we offer tire changes, new tires, including winter tires and vehicles fluid services. Contact us to schedule a service appointment today.

Oil Change

Changing your oil often is vital for your overall vehicle health. It is even more crucial in the colder months. In some cases, the oil being used also needed to be changed.


Checking your vehicle’s level and mix of antifreeze will play an essential role during the cold winter month. In the colder winter months, your antifreeze should be 60/40 coolant to water.

Canadian Winter Tires

Winter tires play a crucial component in getting your vehicle ready for winter. Winter tires are designed to perform colder weather compared to summer or all-season tires. Winter tires come with a softer compound because the compound in your tires will either contract or stay soft.

Vehicle Fluids

Checking your vehicle’s fluids can save you future annoyances. However, checking the state of other fluids is also essential. Examples of fluids to check are brake fluid, power-steering fluid, and transmission fluid.

Check Your Battery

Cold temperatures demand your engine to have more current from the battery to start, so you want to make sure the battery is functioning correctly. You can start by making sure you have enough charge left in your battery. The most straightforward way to check is by turning on your headlights before you start your engine.

Frequently Asked Questions

When To Change Winter Tires?

Changing your winter tires should be done when the temperature falls below seven degrees continuously.

Are All-Season Tires Good For Winter?

All-season tires can function in the winter season: however, winter tires come designed to work the best.

How Much Are Winter Tires?

Winter tires, like other products, will vary in cost. Depending on the manufacturer and size you choose, the price will be different. Contact us at Crowfoot Dodge Chrysler for options and pricing.