Trailers, RVs, Boats and more....

For work or play Albertans have many reasons for towing and having the proper vehicle to do the job is important.
Understanding the terms associated with towing is the first step to finding out what type of vehicle will work best for your hauling needs. 

Below we have outlined some of the common terms and definitions necessary to understand before you make a decision on a vehicle that will work for you.

Once you are ready to learn more, give us a call and let us help work through the process. 

We have a wide selection of new and used vehicles on our lot with various towing capacities.

Our parts and service departments can also help with hitch packages.


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Boat Trailer: 300 - 1512 lbs
Box Trailer (7x5) - 507 lbs
Equipment Trailer (6'8" x 24'6") - 
1600 lbs 
Horse Trailer - 2400 lbs
Motorboat - 2500 lbs
Truck Camper - 3500 lbs
Travel Trailer - 5000 - 12,000 lbs
Fifth Wheels - 19,000 lbs

Base Weight - Weight of a standard equipped model with full fuel, lubricant and coolant.

GVWR - (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating)
The maximum total weight allowed of a fully loaded vehicle including passengers. (Should never be exceeded)

GCWR - (Gross Combined Weight Rating)
The maximum total weight allowed of the towing vehicle, loaded trailer and all cargo and passengers. (Should never be exceeded)

Payload - The combined maximum weight allowed of options, passengers and cargo that a vehicle is designed to carry.

TWR - (Trailer Weight Rating)
The maximum weight a trailer plus cargo that a vehicle can handle.

Axle Ratio - The ratio between the driveshaft RPM and the axle shaft RPM. In general, the higher the number the more towing power and quicker the acceleration. A low number offers better fuel efficiency and quieter  running. 

Trailer Tongue Weight - The downward force on the hitch ball by the trailer coupler. This must be accounted for in total payload.