All You Need to Know About Power Steering, Brake, Coolant and Transmission Maintenance

Purchasing a vehicle is one thing, and maintaining it is a different thing altogether. To avoid mishaps down the road with your vehicle, you should have its fluids checked regularly. Different fluids are necessary for your vehicle to run smoothly, so it’s vital to have them checked and changed as required.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Often Does My Car Need Power Steering Fluid?

The primary purpose of a power steering system is to make it easy to handle the vehicle while driving. Although different vehicles require different intervals, the general rule is to replace your power steering fluid at least after every four years.

How Often Does My Car Need Brake Fluid?

Brakes are some of the most critical parts of your vehicle. Most modern cars use hydraulic brakes and means you will regularly need to check the status of brake fluid in your vehicle for effective performance. If you are looking for brake fluid in Calgary, then Crowfoot Dodge is the best place to visit. Schedule a service appointment today at Crowfoot Dodge Service Centre and let experts check and replace the brake fluid if necessary.

How Often Does My Car Need Coolant?

The main purpose of coolant is to reduce or eliminate heat produced by the engine and ensure it is running at the appropriate temperature. Most manufacturers recommend that you change your coolant after approximately 50,000 kilometres. Contact our Parts Centre for all your car parts or fluids needs.

How Often Does My Car Need Transmission Fluid?

Manufacturers generally recommend car owners replace transmission fluid after about 50,000 kilometres or 80,000 kilometres. It is crucial to replace your transmission fluid after covering the recommended distance to ensure that you properly maintain your vehicle’s performance and lifespan. You can always contact us schedule a service appointment to have your transmission fluid checked and replaced.