Dodge Challenger's Interior Attraction

The Dodge Challenger is one of the best muscle cars that money can buy. This popular mid-size sedan comes equipped with a high-powered engine, but Dodge offers numerous sizes for engine types per trim level. Other features included are advanced technologies and exceptional comfort features.

The Dodge Challenger has a great interior that's quite spacious as up to five people can seat in this two-door sedan. Nappa leather and premium cloth upholstery is used to provide a high level of comfort. There are up to 17 different interior styles to choose from. The Challenger also comes equipped with performance-inspired seats. The SRT trim has its name embossed on the seatbacks. The vehicle's leather-trimmed dash looks astounding as well as the leather-wrapped steering wheel. Apple CarPlay and Android technologies are integrated into the system, and premium audio systems are also being offered.

Come and test drive the Dodge Challenger from our location to get a better feel for what this car can do.


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