Can You Drive on Winter Tires in the Summer?

You might secretly be tempted to put off changing your winter tires for a summer set, but there's actually a valid financial reason not to wait.

Visually, it's easy to see a difference between a summer tire and a winter tire. Winter tires are meant to break through snow drifts with their knobby, angular tread. The grooves allow the snow to bunch up there so the knobs can still make contact with the road. Winter tires are also able to stay flexible in lower temperatures due to their special chemical makeup.

Using these tires on hot pavement will cause them to wear out far more quickly than a summer tire, costing you money in the long run as you need to replace them more frequently. You can also be fined in some states if you're driving on a studded winter tire in the summer, because the metal studs tend to wear down asphalt very quickly.



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