Capability Features of the Jeep Compass

While the compact SUV class is filled with plenty of options, the popular Jeep Compass is one of the only models that is truly rated for off-road driving. For a vehicle you can drive on trails or highways with equal ease, the Compass will fit the bill admirably.

Electrical connections in the engine are insulated against water, and the body of the Compass is sealed to repel leaking. Coupled with the engine's air intake located higher on the body than other vehicles, your Compass can ford streams easily. No matter the surface, the Compass can handle traversing it, thanks to its 4x4 Active Drive System that adjusts to rocks and sand or ice and snow with equal ability.

Trails are rarely clear of obstacles, and this presents no problem for the Compass. With a generous ground clearance and engineering that focuses on articulation and agility, the Compass can avoid or drive right over anything in its path.



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